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Autonomous and High Precision Flight

Equipped with the latest technology, our drone enables ​autonomous flight with up to 50 drones per operator and cent​imeter-level precision flight with its onboard A​I.

Exceptional Payload Capacity and Extended Range

Inspired by the Falcon 9 rocket technology, our drone offers ex​ceptional payload capacity, capable of carrying 125 liters or u​p to 10kg within its compact 1m size and up to a range ​of 100km.

Environmental Robustness and Collision Resilience

Designed to operate in 90% of weather conditions, our drone fe​atures structural integrity for resilience and reliability, allowing it to​ withstand collisions without crashing.

Revolutionize Healthcare Operations ​with us

Transport of Surgery Samples

In crucial surgeries like cancer, doctors often send ​samples to laboratories for testing. Transporting these ​samples can take up to 60 minutes, and considering that ​a surgery like this costs around 80€/minute, waiting time ​is very expensive. This process needs to be improved to ​better support the patients’ outcome and reduce ​hospital costs.

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Medical Supply Management

Inventory costs for medication account for around 15% of ​a hospital's expenses, totaling millions. Due to the short ​lifespan of medications, hospitals often end up ​discarding supplies that could be used elsewhere. ​Improving medication supply management is crucial to ​save millions and prevent costly waste.

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Uncover the Key Benefits of Our Drones

Medication Delivery in Minutes

Get your medication package ​within minutes. Our drone is 75% ​faster than traditional vehicles for ​the quickest delivery.

Direct-To-Window Delivery

Enjoy direct-to-window delivery ​without a landing pad. Our drones ​fly to you—just reach out and ​receive your package.

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Save Millions in Costs

Save millions with our technology. ​Cut storage costs, waste, and ​waiting times, integrated in your ​existing logistic infrastructure .

Leading Partners and Sponsors Trust Us

Tech Partnerships with Renowned Institutions

We are delighted to partner with institutions like ESA and ​Fraunhofer who play a key role in our drone ​development. They provide us with access to the latest ​technology and connections to other industry-leading ​partners.

Business Partnerships with Leading Organizations

We receive support from UnternehmerTUM, Europe's ​leading innovation center, helping us bring our business ​to life as well as EIT Urban Mobility, which is supported by ​the European Institute of Innovation and Technology ​(EIT), a body of the European Union. Additionally, we are ​pleased to collaborate with Klinikum Ingolstadt, our pilot ​customer, to test and refine our service.

EIT Urban Mobility is supported by the ​European Institute of Innovation and ​Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union

Meet our Team of Innovators

Christoph Busch

CEO & Founder

Ekatarina Pugacheva

He​ad of Battery Systems

Philipp Nachtigal

Chief Engineer

Dr. Adam Smith

Head of Design

Christoph Ammerl

Ma​rketing & Sales

Wa​leed Ahmed

Fl​ight Control Systems

Explore Our Latest News

Maple Aviation is excited to ​announce its selection for the ​UAM Plazza Accelerator 2024 ​from EIT Urban Mobility. This ​program offers valuable ​connections with the European ​UAM ecosystem, workshops on ​business development, and ​opportunities to network and ​pitch at key industry events.


Maple Aviation is excited to ​announce its partnership with ​Klinikum Ingolstadt for our first ​test flights. We will be ​transporting medical supplies ​from their central pharmacy to ​their 14 hospitals, improving ​their supply chain and ​enhancing patient care across ​their network.


Maple Aviation has secured ​€2.2 million in grants from the ​bavarian ministry of economic ​affairs, allowing us to develop ​our product and accelerate our ​operations, marketing, and ​sales efforts. This funding marks ​an important milestone in our ​mission to revolutionize medical ​supply transportation.


Maple Aviation is thrilled to ​announce its participation in ​UnternehmerTUM's prestigious ​XPreneurs program. As part of ​the accelerator, we will receive ​expert coaching, access to a ​vast network, and the ​opportunity to refine our ​business model for sustainable ​growth.


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